Willy Jhons is a multi-brand store, leader in the marketing of accessories in Latin America with presence in nine countries in the region; we are a dynamic brand with great capacity of adaptation to changes in tendencies and above all, great experience in retail commerce of accessories and jewelry.

The first Willly Jhons stores opened the stores in Colombia, Medellin city during the 80´s decade as an answer to the needs of Latin-American women to wear accessories and jewelry that reveal their innate beauty.

The designs: the exclusiveness, the highest quality, and great variety have been the promise of value in the mind of the customer for more than twenty years, generating credibility in a demanding market like the Latin American market.

Willy Jhons has built valuable relationships of confidence with the clients along the years; our brand progress and redefine the concept of beauty through the philosophy of constant renovation of processes, service, design, and goals therefore we are configured like the brand with more solid projection of grow in the market of jewelry and accessories.